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21st September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about Driving license

What are the documents required for renewing driving license?

In case, you are trying to renew your private license, then you must need some documents near your hand. The first and primary one is to look for application in form number 9. Furthermore, keep 250 bucks handy as fees and for penalties, if applicable. You need to possess 2 copies of your recent passport photos, along with the original driving license. You need to provide attested copies of accurate age and residence proof, and form Number 1, which declares that you are physically fit.

What documents are required for renewing commercial driving license?

Well, the documents used for renewing commercial driving license are the same like that of private license, but with some additions. Under the added section, you have to provide medical certificate in the current form No. 1A. During HMV, you might have to provide driver refreshing training certificate to the Transport Department. For private license, the record will not be verified if the particulars are clear. But, when it comes to commercial license, all the given particulars are verified from issuing authority.

Why do you need to verify record for commercial license renewal?

Well, from the aforementioned points, it has been clearly stated that the record of license, which needs to be renewed, has to be verified thoroughly by the issuing authority. The main aim behind this step is to ensure the authenticity of the commercial driver. This record is further checked to see if driving license was issued earlier from any of the zonal offices. If the record is not that traceable, but still MLO feels that this license is genuine, then he might refer you to a re-test.

 Is there any restriction while obtaining learner’s license? 

There are some pre-requisites, which applicant need to fulfill, before applying for learner’s license. For some of the non-geared small vehicles, the age needs to be above 16 years of age. However, in such a scenario, the person must have prior consent from guardians or parents. For some of the geared light motor vehicle, the learner needs to be 18 years of age. For commercial vehicle driving, the person must have minimum 1 year of experience. It is mandatory to provide medical certificate.

What subjects are covered under “Driving Preliminary test”?

There are some significant subjects, under which, questions of driving preliminary test will be concerned. The questions are mostly relating to traffic signals, traffic signs, rules, and regulations placed under MV Act. Some questions are relating to drivers’ duties on road. Other questions are based on precautions, which you need to keep in mind, while traveling by road. There are some questions asked on documents, needed while traveling. It is mandatory to get answers to these questions straight, if you really want to gain positive replies.

What precautions need to be taken by learner licensee?

There are some points, which you must keep in mind, while planning to hold learner’s license holder. This license holder must procure training under supervision of permanent driving license holder. Furthermore, the learner license holder needs to display the symbol L in Red color, which can be visible from a particular distance. During commercial vehicle, learner licensee might need to undergo training from either Motor Driving Schools or Government Motor Driving School, as provided by State Government, as it is an important part to it.

What are the specified rules to observe while training or learning?

Well, to be honest, there are practically two rules, which need to be in your mind while you are learning or training. The first rule is that you need to paint or paste an “L” sign in red, at front and back of your vehicle. It needs to be pasted on white background. The second rule is that you always need to be accompanied by another person holding regular license, while you are learning. In case, you are learning to drive two-wheelers, you must not carry anyone as your pillion except the instructor.

What will happen if you fail driving test?

If you fail driving test once, you have right to apply for another re-test, after 7 days. These 7 days, in the middle, need to be used for upgrading your skills. You must try to rectify your mistakes within this period. It is the duty of applicant to check his said particulars on driving license, during time of approval or data entry. If not, then he might be charged to pay extra for reprinting. Transport Department is not going to hold responsibility for any forms of discrepancies.

What is meant by Driver Refresher Training Course?

The Driver Refresher Training Course needs to be taken into consideration during renewal of HMV driving license. This certificate has now become mandatory, from 1998, October. There are some significant areas, from where you can procure this certificate. Some of those sections are Automobile Association of Upper India, Institute of Driving And Traffic Research, Driver Training Institute, Institute of Driving and Traffic Research in New Delhi, Simons Motor Driving Training & Research Society and even in Institute of Road Traffic Education.

What is the procedure of receiving duplicate license?

For applying for a duplicate license, you will need application in the form LLD. You need NCR or FIR of the current lost license. Furthermore, the driver will need Challan clearance report from the Traffic Police, if you are looking for commercial license renewal. Furthermore, you need to pay an amount of 200 bucks. Other than that, you will have to provide form number 1 with self-declaration of physically fit. Make sure to provide attested copy of valid address proof now.