24th September, 2018

Frequently asked questions about Central Victim Compensation Fund scheme

Central victim Compensation Fund Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

1) When was Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme started?

Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme came into force on August 21, 2015.

2) What are the main objectives of setting up the Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme?

The main objective of CVCF scheme is to provide financial support to the victims of different crimes especially offenses such as acid attacks, rape, crime and human trafficking. Further, it would help to supplement and support the existing Victim Compensation Fund Scheme notified by UT/States Administrations. It will also help to reduce the differences in compensation amounts notified for the victims facing the similar crimes.

3) What is the source of the corpus for Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme?

From the initial Nirbhaya fund which was set up for tackling violence/crime against women, the amount of Rs. 200 crore has been sanctioned as one-time beneficiary grant.

4) What is the minimum amount of compensation for CVCF?

The compensation amount for the victims under Central Victim Compensation Fund Scheme are as follows:

  •  For acid attack and rape victims: Rs 3 lakhs
  • For the physical abuse in minor, burns affecting more than 25%, death or permanent disability (80%): Rs 2 lakhs
  •  For Rehabilitation of human trafficking victims, partial disability: Rs 1 lakhs
  • For fetus loss and loss of fertility: Rs 50,000 and Rs 1.5 Lakhs respectively
  • In case of death or partial disability of women victims during the cross-border firing: Rs 2 lakhs and Rs 1 lakh respectively
  •  For the victims below 14 years, the aid is increased by 50% over the above-specified amount.

5) What is the duration of getting compensation to the crime victims?

Under CVCF scheme, the victims of different crimes including sexual assault and rape will get the compensation within 24 hours. 

6) What is the eligibility criteria for the compensation of Victim Compensation Fund?

The victim shall follow certain criteria for the receipt of the compensation. It is:

  • He/she should not be compensated for the loss/injury from any other scheme or State/Central Government.
  • When the offenders are untraceable or unidentified, but the victim can be identified, the victim can apply for compensation grant under the sector 357A sub section-4.